About us.

Green Land Diesel Trading L.L.C has been engaged in the field of fuel supply in UAE since 2009, supplying diesel to renowned establishment as well as prestigious projects. It has emerged as one of the reliable fuel supplier with high quality diesel and fuel oil with utmost customer care and holding absolute responsibility. We are equipped with well maintained fuel supply fleet. We operate round the clock and have highly experienced and responsible personnel to ensure best and prompt service to our prestigious customers.

Business Activity

Green Land Diesel Trading L.L.C is one of the premium importers and exporters of petroleum products in the Middle East. We excel and are able to maintain a healthy client base as the company imports products from highly dependable sources with several years of trusted business relationships. We maintain strict compliance with all federal laws relating to loading, transporting and discharging of petroleum products. Our business goodwill and excellent supplier relationship help us for complying prompt delivery of product with exact specifications.


Dubai Diesel, Dubai Marine diesel,  Dubai Low Sulphur Diesel ,Dubai CST 180 ,Dubai CST 380 ,Dubai Fuel, Abudhabi Fuel,Abudhabi diesel ,dubai bunkers,dubai bunkering To become the leading supplier of diesel and fuel that will help to meet the increasing demand in the market and will ultimately help the growth and ensure the infrastructure development of the nation.

We strive to

 · be a great and challenging place to work

 · The most valued partner

 · Be responsible corporate citizens

 · promoting environmentally compliant energy solutions

Dubai Diesel, Dubai Marine diesel,  Dubai Low Sulphur Diesel ,Dubai CST 180 ,Dubai CST 380 ,Dubai Fuel, Abudhabi Fuel,Abudhabi diesel ,dubai bunkers,dubai bunkering Our core values are the basis of establishing a common culture which shapes the character of our company.

Our behavior and business are based on the following:
 · We focus on opportunities and meet challenges with dedication

 · We value clarity of expectations as a key element in long-term co operation

 · Through dedicated project management and teams we achieve results on projects.

 · We are credible and act with integrity in all aspects of our work

 · We are straight forward, diligent and proactive in our approach to business

 · We strive to meet our commitments with respect to quality, time and budget.




  • Marine Gas Fuels

    Marine Diesel Oil has a low viscosity because it is a mixture of waste products and heavy fuel oil.

  • 10ppm Diesel

    BP 10 ppm Diesel meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following specifications:
    Australian Standard AS 3570 of 1998
    ASTM 2D low sulphur diesel fuel of 1998
    European Specification EN 590 (10ppm sulphur) of 1998 & EN 590 2000